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Introducing the company

POOYAN BASPAR SEPAHAN PRODUCTION GROUP has established a production line for polymer pipe and fittings in accordance with ever-increasing needs in construction and building utilities with the aim to cut importation of polypropylene pipes and supply local requirements. Taking into account production of various pipes and fittings with higher quality, this group has successfully reached the highest consumers’ satisfactions and increased product categories according to the market needs and customers’ demands through updating the production lines and molds.



In addition to the national and international standards and certificates, POOYAN BASPAR SEPAHAN PRODUCTION GROUP was selected as the QUALITY EVERLASTING NAME in 2016 and gained quality appreciation and golden symbol, which has separated POOYAN BASPAR SEPAHAN PRODUCTION GROUP from other competitors. This group has been considered as one of the nominated companies by Standard Organization during the last years and has succeeded to investigate and supervise production line accurately from the supply of raw material, arrival to the warehouse, production, sampling, and transferring the products to storage through establishing modern quality control laboratory. This unit has an accurate quality assurance system that is able to do necessary inspections on the raw materials and finished products based on the existing standards under the supervision of quality control department and using modern machinery. The above has resulted in the customers’’ full satisfaction and gaining various certificates and honors in pipe and connection productions.
POOYAN BASPAR SEPAHAN PRODUCTION GROUP launched its first production phase for polypropylene (single layer) pipe and fittings in 1977. At the beginning, this group was among the only three pipe and connection producers in Iran who decided to enter the market powerfully and capture the local markets and widespread exports. In addition to the National Standard Certification, we have succeeded to gain international standards including CE Europe, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 1004:2015, and certificate from Iran Housing & Urban Development Research Center (IHUDR).
This complex started the second production phase for polyethylene pipes during 1990s and tried to supply high quality products through meaningful and regular marketing. In addition, supply of high quality products towards stable comfort for the society is the main strategy of POOYAN BASPAR SEPAHAN PRODUCTION GROUP. By producing polyethylene pipes and considering its important role in water management and agricultural development, we have fulfilled our social responsibility in this respect.
POOYAN BASPAR SEPAHAN PRODUCTION GROUP commissioned the third phase for 5-layer pipes and fittings (Pert.Al.Pert and Pex.Al.Pex) from 2010s according to the technological improvements and arrival of modern thermal and cooling utilities to Iran market. According to the improvements in building industry and tendency to enjoy the newest technologies, we have made efforts to meet the new market needs and use modern and up-to-date knowledge.




As the main goal, POOYAN BASPAR SEPAHAN PRODUCTION GROUP with around 25 years of experience in production of various polypropylene, polyethylene, 5-layer pipes and fittings and thread seal tapes has tried to optimize organizational procedures, quality of the products, customers’ satisfaction and meet their needs. In addition, we seriously follow ISO 9001:2015, ISO 10004:2015, and CE Europe for our quality control purposes and declare our policy headlines as follows:
1- Upgrade products and services quality through training and personnel engagements and using the newest local or foreign production machinery
2- Increase market share through market and marketing research and studies
3- Progressive improvement of management systems via revising the policy, goals, and all the organizational procedures and activities
4- Products quality assurance through productions with the highest quality materials (local and foreign)
5- Cooperation and assistance with customers and beneficiaries in order to maximize their satisfactions through on-time deliveries
6- Progressive quality control towards producing higher quality and satisfactory products
7- Utilize R&D in order to increase knowledge and optimize production and sales processes
Senior management is committed and obliged to provide all the required facilities and resources for the above targets and standards and optimizing the organizational activities and to examine the efficacies through periodical controls.




Why do you need to use Pouyan Bespar Sepahan Products?
1- High product diversity tailored to the needs of all customers and projects
2- Update all products tailored to the needs of markets day
3- High stability of the product against light, cold, heat, physical injuries
4- Affordable prices for all products compared to other manufacturers
5- Easy installation of products in polypropylene pipe and five layers fitting