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    Every day from8:30A.M to 16:30 P.M


Conditions for obtaining representation

Terms and conditions on acting as the official agent
1- Fill-in agency form request and submit along with required documents to central office of Pooyan Baspar Sepahan Production Group
2- We will contact with you based on the investigations of above documents by specialists and Board of Directors of Pooyan Baspar Sepahan Production Group and their agreement.
3- Attend our central office or communicate in order to make cooperation contract and agree on mutual terms and conditions
4- Start cooperation for the duration set out in contract and the date indicated on agency certificate by Pooyan Baspar Sepahan Production Group

Facilities to be given to sales agent by Pooyan Baspar Sepahan Production Group:
- Installation of advertising panel with suitable dimension requested by sales agent for his store and affiliates
- Provide advertisements (labor clothing, business card, sales invoice, telephone booklet, calendar, notebooks …)
- Pay delivery costs by the company from origin to destination in case of big orders by truck