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Managing Director and Founder’s words


Managing Director: Mr. Mohammad Ali Ferdowsi, born in 1954

Latest education: M.A in MBA

Nominated as the Everlasting Name for quality in pipe and fittings industry in 2016

Successful business is a good guarantee for economic growth, which leads to society’s comfort.
I have the honor to work in a complex that has been established based on this belief and has tried to provide generations with stable comfort.
During the last two decades, Iranian building market has changed into a powerful complex of the large economic businesses. As the result, developments in the above industry and demands for building goods including pipe and fittings have created a competitive market in this respect. POOYAN BASPAR SEPAHAN PRODUCTION GROUP has entered the local and regional market through utilizing the newest production lines and the most efficient technical and production specialists with competitive prices. These products have succeeded to catch an outstanding part of market based on global and national production standards.
At present, in spite of numerous production problems, we have tried to resolve all these problems with scientific and applied methods and pass the improvement route.