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Introduction to 5-layer pipe and fittings

This product is one of the most important item applied in modern systems of the building industries, HVAC and cold and warm water systems. In the relevant structure, 5-layer pipe and fittings are used. These 5-layer files are produced in two types i.e. PERT and PEX, consist of two special polyethylene layers (PERT or PEX) along with one Aluminum (Al) layer in the middle and two special paste layers that connects the outer layer to middle and internal ones. In addition, the core is made of brass with chrome coating.
Due to the structural characteristics as like transmission of both acid and basis fluids, resistance against corrosion and high pressure, low probability of pipe obstruction due to the soft internal surface, high temperature insulation, and other structural features, 5-layer pipes are mostly applied in various systems including cooling, heating, and HVAC utilities, ground heating systems, water transmission in risers, and all the hygienic cold and warm water systems.