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Introduction to polyethylene pipes

Climatic changes, population increase, global warming, and consequently human being’s needs for water and nutrition have necessitated correct water management.
In this respect, using polyethylene pipes is highly recommended as one of the newest systems for water and wastewater transmission, rain and drip irrigation instead of traditional methods.
According to the above, POOYAN BASPAR SEPAHAN PRODUCTION GROUP has started producing polyethylene pipes in its second phase.
Polyethylene pipes of POOYAN BASPAR SEPAHAN PRODUCTION GROUP consists of specific features like variety, long life (more than 50 years), low weight, resistance against rust, pressure and tension tolerance, no need for solvents, resistance against rodents, strong in ambient temperature (-20 to +50), and flexibility.
Based on the above-mentioned features, our products are being used in water supply lines, agricultural farms, urban and domestic sewage system, gas supply systems, and cable and telecommunication shields.
POOYAN BASPAR SEPAHAN PRODUCTION GROUP has supplied this product in two types i.e. PE80 and PE100 from 16 to 500mm diameters as below.